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Successful and cost-effective implementation of information and communication solutions requires well informed decisions, implementation and operations. To that end, CITCoT has been established by a group of enthusiastic professionals with ample local and international experience in the telecommunication and IT sector in 2016. Since then, It is boosting optimal and informed decisions, implementations and operations in the Ethiopian ICT market. CITCoT takes professionalism and honesty as its core values to deliver the highest possible quality services to its customers based on thorough research and innovation.


CITCoT is registered in Lideta Sub-City Trade and Industry Development Office of Addis Ababa City Administration Trade Bureau of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, with Commercial Registration number of LD/AA/2/0003502/2009.


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We analyze trends, align them with business goals, and leverage advanced tech for a competitive edge.

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We develop and deliver quality trainings on emerging and locally relevant ICT technologies!

Our reputable and experienced trainers and innovative training methodology make sure you find quality trainings to tune your ICT experts and teams on the right direction!

Project showcases

Our Flagship Experiences

We have delivered variety of ICT consultancy and training services.

In partnership with Plum-UK, we have been contracted to perform national spectrum occupancy site survey and spectrum evaluation for the Ethiopian Telecommunication Authority (ECA) on a project sponsored by The World Bank. The project includes performing drive test throughout the country, data analysis and training of ECA experts.

We have designed, deployed, configured, operationalized and optimized local public Cloud and ISP Infrastructure for ZERGAW Cloud.

Advanced design and prototype of Telecommunication system for the Ethiopian Geospatial and Space Science Institute

In partnership with Mediafon Datapro of Lithuania, we have supplied and commissioned a telecommunication number management system for Ethiopian communications authority (ECA). The project was sponsored by the World Bank and managed by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MInT).

We have trained and still training ICT experts from Governmental (e.g. Ethiopian Civil Aviation, Ministry of Industry, Addis Ababa City Administration) and non-Governmental Institutions (e.g. Orchid, ZERGAW Cloud, Balageru) on various ICT trainings on software, network, cloud, server infrastructure and security technologies

We have developed Cloud Software development framework and exemplary cloud software that are relevant for the Ethiopian market for ZERGAW Cloud and its sister companies

We have worked with CENERVA-UK on a USAID sponsored project on strengthening core capabilities of ECA (Spectrum, USF, Cybersecurity framework, Equipment type approval region, Internet Governance Framework, Infrastructure Sharing).


Meet Main Team

PHD in ICT and MSc in Telecommunication Engineering from University of Trento ,Italy.11+ years of experience in telecom R&D implementation of data center network and server technologies  and also managing large projects.

Ephrem Teshale (PhD)

Co-Founder and CEO

 Holds a PhD in Communication Engineering, with a supplementary field in Network Economics, from Aalto University, Finland. Currently serving Addis Ababa University as an Assistant Professor and he is also co-founder and CEO Advisor of ZERGAW Cloud. Beneyam has a wealth of experience from his tenure as a telecom researcher and consultant in various international projects in Finland and USA for more than seven years. He has initiated, proposed and coordinated successful international ICT projects that contribute to build the capacity of the Ethiopian ICT market. He has also published 33+ peer reviewed articles and conference publications in renowned international venues. 

Beneyam Berehanu (PHD)

Co-Founder and CTO

MSc in Telecommunication Engineering  from University of Trento, Italy. 10+ years of experience in network and power  infrastructure  site survey, installation commissioning ,verification and their project management, and  R&D on practical embedded and IoT systems.

Belayneh Melka

Co-Founder and Senior Consultant

BSc in Electrical and computer Engineering From Addis Ababa institution of Technology more than 3 years of experience in system Development ,Network configuration, and freelance website Development.


Yonas Asegedom

System Engineer

BSc in Software engineering from Addis Ababa university, Ethiopia. Three years of experience and works in development operation, system integration and automation.Has extensive practical knowledge in LARAVEL, PHP, JAVASCRIPT and DEVOPS.

Alazar Kassahun

Software Engineer

BA in Accounting from saint Mary University,Addis Ababa ,Ethiopia 6+ years experience in Accounting ,sales of It products and services and coordinating ICT events.  


nardos endale


BA degree in management from Addis Ababa university, Ethiopia, Graduated with Great distinction. She is Reliable, hard-working with strong attention to detail and eager to learn



maraki eyassu

Office Manager

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Network Enginner

CITCOT is looking for an out-standing, creative, disciplined, energetic, sociable and talented developer. Requirements: BSc in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems or related fields, Lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Demonstrable and measurable experiences in Flutter, A good understanding of PHP (Laravel) and Python, A good knowledge and experience on diversified frontend and backend frameworks, Adequate experience on server and database management, Excellent customer service orientation. Note:Candidate CV must list all his/her flutter based projects, and other software projects that can be physically demonstrated.


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