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Tsegamlak Terefe (PHD)

Holds a PhD in Computer Science from Universit’e
de Haute-Alsace in the area of temporal data mining. His career has
spanned various technical roles, from associate consultant and trainee
wireless engineer to full-fledged wireless engineer at Ernest Young and
Huawei Technologies. Currently, Dr. Tsegamlak leverages his expertise
in both academia and industry. He is an Assistant Professor at Addis
Ababa University’s Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAU, AAIT)
and a senior software engineer at Zergaw Cloud Services, where he
develops modules for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.
Dr. Tsegamlak has authored over 10 scientific papers on topics such
as temporal data mining, telecom network optimization, and local
language transmission efficiency. Besides the academy, he is also actively
engaged in delivering training on data mining and related tools to
professionals in both government and non-governmental organizations.

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