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Beneyam Berehanu (PhD)

Holds a PhD in Communication Engineering, with a supplementary field in Network Economics, from Aalto University, Finland. Currently serving Addis Ababa University as an Assistant Professor and he is also Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer of ZERGAW Cloud. Beneyam has a wealth of experience from his tenure as a telecom researcher and consultant in various international projects in Finland and USA for more than seven years. He has initiated, proposed and coordinated successful international ICT projects that contribute to build the capacity of the Ethiopian ICT market. He has also published 33+ peer reviewed articles and conference publications in renowned international venues, including those in the area of 5G relevance and network planning. His current interest areas include 5G, 5G-Advanced, Data Analytics, Cloudification, Techno-Economics, Techno-Business and ICT4D.

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